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District : Ernakulam - എറണാകുളം
Location : Little Flower Church Panayikulam Alangad, Kerala 683502
GPS Location : Open in maps
Accuracy: 5 Meters
Requestee : Roban Varghese
Contact number : 8078283044
Summary of request :

Water Requirements :
Drinking water and also more water to clean the house (the cleaning is incomplte still)
Food Requirements :
Raw material for food
Cloth Requirements :
Lungies, Nighty and bathing Towels
Toilet Requirements :
All the cleaning materils for Washroom and Kitchen
Kit Requirements :
Nothing is left over in the Kitching that is usefull
Other Needs :
To clean the well. Also the house cleaning is incomplete. Ditergents and more

Date : Sept. 3, 2018, 9:08 p.m.


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